London itself dates back to Roman times as Londinium. It is the largest city in Europe and one of the greatest in the world. We not only have the Royal Opera at Covent Garden and the English National Opera, but we have hundreds of other theatres.  Being at the heart of Europe, London has access to the greatest that every EU country has to offer from food to fashion to art (most museums are free) to history. 

We also have many the greatest conservatoires in the world including the number one conservatoire outside the United States, The Royal College of Music. This has allowed us to find the greatest teachers available anywhere.

You might wonder what Britain has to do with bel canto, and isn't it an Italian thing? Actually, Britain has contributed to music from the beginnings. Composers and performers have all passed through here and performed here, many of which like Mozart and Chopin and others actually lived here. All the greatest singers of the bel canto came here to sing. Many of those even lived here as well.

It's well known that one of the most famous singers in history, Maria Malibran fell off her horse and died in Scotland. Her father was the famous tenor Manuel Garcia and her brother was the famous teacher Manuel Garcia II. She studied with both of them. Her brother lived in London for nearly 50 years and taught at the Royal Academy of Music in Marylebone. One of his greatest students Mathilde Marchesi also lived and taught here in London. 

It is very easy to think of Italy when it comes to bel canto, but actually, London has as much as you could want. So come here and explore!